Microwavefilters & TVC SRL has been founded in 1979. Microwavefilters & TVC designs and produces MW passive components from DC up to 90 GHz.
Our proved experience and know-how in manufacturing of components for RF and microwave applications over a complete series of frequencies (from 10 MHz up to 90 GHz) allows us to meet the market's demand with a wide, constantly extended and improved range of passive components.
Products range: Filters, diplexers, WG circulators, Isolators, Loads, Couplers, OMTs, Adapters, Seamless Waveguides, Flexible twistable Waveguides, Cables & connectors, Assembled cable housings and Mechanical Parts.
Technologies: Metal insert, Waveguide, Dual mode waveguide, coaxial, Hairpin and Comb Line, Rc Lumped Component, Helical filters, active components.
Markets: BACKHAUL radio links, MMWAVE, CELLULAR repeaters and jammers, SATCOM, BROADCASTING,LTE; DAS, MW Lab equipments, TACTICAL.

Our R&D department is at customer's disposal, in order to provide tailor-made engineering solutions and rapid manufacturing of prototypes, offering also electric testing, project consulting and problem solving.

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